CT6® Introduces:

The First Cybercrime Defense Platform

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CT6.® CredProtect

The most advanced technology available to preemptively hunt and capture compromised login credentials. Stop Cybercrime. Restore Confidence. CredProtect provides extreme flexibility. Several integration options allow any business, industry or organization to focus on specific risk areas.

CT6.® Fraud Preventer Technology

CT6 Fraud Preventer technology (U.S. patent) delivers the next generation of fraud loss prevention. Rooted in the experience of federal investigators of organized cybercrime and adversarial nation-state actors, CT6 Fraud Preventer creates end-to-end preemptive on-premise or cloud-hosted software solutions powerful enough to alter the risk calculus of adversaries and elevate the enterprise anti-fraud ecosystem.

CT6.® Cybercrime Victim Reports

Reduce password, username, social app breaches to prevent targeted attacks,  learn how to mitigate risk, to keep your employees, and therefore your company, safe. 

New CryptoVoyant


CryptoVoyant is a server-based system that overcomes the ID evasion tricks cybercriminals use when transacting with cryptocurrencies. Many of the most costly thefts and devastating malware attacks can be traced to cryptocurrency transactions. Colonial Pipeline is just one example. CryptoVoyant can stop cybercriminals’ trusted method of flowing undetected through various blockchains, by trading cryptocurrencies on the fly. Stopping anonymity means catching criminals and preventing crimes. Behavioral signatures cannot be obviated.



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