World Class Expertise

CT6.® brings decades of operational experience obtained from corporate, federal government and academia to properly assess and fix the operational risks associated with external data used by cybercriminals and nefarious state actors. CT6 leverages world-class expertise and provides automated solutions through patented methodologies to create permanent enterprise risk reduction.

Enterprise Risk Reduction


  • Assessment, design, and build of programs to address enterprise risk holistically to provide full spectrum mitigation across internal and external business silos.
  • Automated painless solutions to permanently manage risk via highly adaptable platforms that bridge internal business silos while proactively identifying and mitigating external threats.

Cybercrime Prevention


Ransomware/Malware Prevention

Identify and close the access points hunted by criminals to deploy ransomware and other malware. CT6.® expert assessments and automated solutions identifies and closes the access points sought by cybercriminals to deploy ransomware and other malware long before an attack.

Cyber Fraud Prevention (including AI)

Create a next generation cyber fraud fusion center that includes reviewing cyber threat intelligence holdings, fraud analytics and prevention capabilities, and compliance/investigations workflow & technology utilization.

Cyber & Physical Security Fusion

Design and implement a next generation cyber & physical security fusion center that includes cyber threat intelligence holdings, physical security prevention capabilities, and compliance/investigations workflow & technology utilization.

Cybercrime Investigations & Root Cause Analysis

Determine the who, what, when, and how employees, customers or vendors/sub vendors were targeted by a cyber-enabled attack in attempt to conduct fraud, theft, or economic espionage by using unique data sets and software powered by a CT6.® proprietary data science methodology that uncovers unseen relationships between hidden data points.

Supply Chain Risk Reduction

Develop a counterintelligence framework to Illuminate and mitigate the total risk in your supply chain and third-party vendor ecosystem sourcing from nefarious state actors and criminal syndicates.

Insider Threat

Identify insider threats by leveraging CT6.® counterintelligence experts and unique external data sets to find intentional and unintentional insider risks. This capability is operated as an internal process for maximum security and control of any information searched for or discovered.


How it Works


CT6.® experts formally assess a client’s needs across a business function or an entire enterprise.


The client receives a report with recommendations and processes to illuminate, define, categorize, and mitigate risk.


CT6.® experts develop tactics and strategies to achieve enterprise risk reduction and cybercrime prevention goals.


CT6.® builds customized and automated permanent solutions.

CT6.® Expertise Includes


  • Decades of tactical and senior level experience in federal law enforcement and counterintelligence operations aimed at stopping the world’s most destructive criminal syndicates and nation-state aggressors.


  • Cyber/digital crimes investigative and forensic analytics program leadership that developed innovative capabilities and standards to effectively fight complex financial crimes including cyber-enabled fraud and theft, IP loss, money laundering, and cryptocurrency vulnerabilities.


  • Top innovators (with multiple U.S. patents pending) in object-oriented programming languages, data mining and collection techniques, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, threat remediation and mitigation, malware and phishing campaign detection and disruption, and much more.


  • CPAs, CFEs, global financial executives, government leaders, renown experts in a variety of fields, authors, intuitive analysts, brilliant technical minds, savvy thinkers who enjoy the fight against cybercrime, and very smart people from a mix of backgrounds that understand the importance of protecting government, businesses, critical infrastructure, and financial assets.


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Premier software solutions to defeat cyber-enabled fraud and theft.  Protecting your customers, remote workforce and supply chain.


​Cyber Team Six (CT6.®) is a company of commercial, federal law enforcement, national security, and academically credentialed practitioners who have proven expertise in innovating the use of alternative data sources to prevent cybercrime, disrupt criminal marketplaces, and fortify against monetary and information loss. CT6.® principals brought their unique professional skills together after leaving a Global Top Five U.S. Bank to create a new, more effective methodology to fight cybercrime. By combining traditional investigative approaches with innovative cyber-driven solutions, CT6.® broke through industry barriers to proactively pursue the cyber threats that affect billions of people each day.

As a result, CT6.® developed and implemented programs that has delivered tangible national security and corporate threat mitigation. CT6.® Enterprise Risk and Cybercrime Prevention expertise and technology has significantly altered the strategic and operational cybercrime profiles of government entities (e.g., ODNI) and commercial institutions (e.g., financial services, energy, entertainment, telecommunications, and more).

CT6.® Global Impacts

CT6.® changes the paradigm of security across all business enterprises and government entities by proactively protecting CT6.® clients and disrupting the business of cybercrime. CT6.® Fraud Preventer technology broke the business cycle of malware-enabled fraud targeting the customers of a global financial institution stopping the campaign in its tracks and avoiding a fraud loss of millions of dollars. More telling, criminals moved on to softer targets as the profit stream from targeting the now-protected financial institution dried up.

CT6.® CredProtect technology was integrated into a large U.S. based power utility, radically limiting their cybersecurity risk profile and closing thousands of known points of criminal access into the network that can lead to follow on disruptive attacks, such as ransomware. CT6.® expertise informs the U.S. Intelligence Community efforts to reduce risk to hostile threat actors in critical infrastructure with already proven results in eliminating nation-state supply chain risk.