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Prevention That Defeats Cybercrime

Cybercrime losses will reach $10 trillion by 2025, increasing by $1 trillion each year.

Cybersecurity alone cannot stop sophisticated cybercriminals before they strike. Without Cybercrime Prevention assessment methods and technology, which investigate the Human Factor, you will repeat cycles of damage control.


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Criminals Must Be Stopped Before They Attack

To stop ransomware, malware, credential attacks, phishing, theft, fraud, sabotage, and more. Introducing the first patented Cybercrime Prevention Platform Illuminate™ Digital Defense.

Team Leadership

The CT6® Team – The CT6 Cybercrime Defenders – invented Illuminate™, and built its Cybercrime Defense Platform based on the new technology, to expose risk long before attacks devastate organizations.


Chief Executive Officer

CPA, CFE, 20+ years in financial services investigations and cybercrime, former FBI Special Agent and Wells Fargo executive in cybercrime loss prevention.

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Chief Technology Officer

15+ years developing investigative and anti-cybercrime software; CPA, PhD in Computer Science Data Mining, AI, and Machine Learning.

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Chief Marketing Officer,
Head of Sales

15+ years of product and business development, cybercrime consulting for  individuals, small businesses, Fortune 1000s, and government agencies.

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The Cybercrime Defense Platform

The Illuminate™ engine drives the Cybercrime Prevention tools the CT6® team built. 

This toolkit is the CT6® Cybercrime Defense Platform.

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CT6 Cred Protect

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CT6 Fraud Preventer

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Cybercrime Victim Report 

CrytopVoyant New Patented Technology

Track Crypto Transactions and ID Threat Actors

Mixers and Coin Swaps No Longer Hide Criminals

Who needs Cybercrime Prevention?

  • Anyone with remote workers;
  • Any environment with BYOD;

  • Any environment without Corporate Credit Cards;

  • Any business whose insurer has changed cyber crime and risk prevention requirements for insurance and breach claims;

  • Any environment with critical supply chains;

  • Vertical Industries actively targeted by cybercriminals–financial services, health care, critical infrastructure;

  • Organizations dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Cybersecurity protects your network.
Cybercrime Prevention protects your business.

What invites targeted attacks?

  • Remote workers, 
  • BYOD–phones, laptops 
  • Executive vulnerability
  • Insufficient access control
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • 3rd Party Partners
  • Supply Chains

If you have any of the above, you need Cybercrime Prevention, not just cybersecurity.

How Does CT6® Stop Cybercrime?

  • Identifies illegal access to your business before a crime is committed;

  • Identifies targeted remote employees;

  • Identifies weak links in supply chain;

  • Identifies risks that employee and vendors present; 

  • Identifies theft and denial of service risk in critical infrastructure;

  • Enables true due diligence for insurance policies;

  • Identifies and prevents cryptocurrency crimes.

The CT6 Defenders Know Criminal and Victim Behavior

Addressing the human factor is both most elusive and most important in defeating cybercrime. 

Compromised Employees = a Compromised Company.

Step 1 is Illuminating the hidden clues, correlating them, and assessing the risks. It is always the staff’s PII data that is used to gain access, impersonate, steal, commit fraud, hold organizations for ransom.