Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Patrick has spent the past twenty years in business and risk mitigation consulting, federal law enforcement and financial services. Prior to joining the FBI, his work as a CPA included auditing publicly traded companies, business case analysis, business continuity planning, and internal fraud investigations for Fortune 100 companies.

As a Special Agent with the FBI, Patrick led investigations into corporate fraud, government fraud, cyber enabled fraud, public corruption, terrorism, and espionage. These investigations led to major criminal prosecutions, national security threat mitigation strategies, and the implementation of specific government reform measures.

As a Senior Manager in the FBI’s Cyber Division, he developed an investigative approach to reveal a new CNE technique utilized by actors to steal corporate and market information. Patrick also participated in the remediation of banking Trojan botnets, and mitigated nation state threats. In addition, he coordinated with industry on the development of an analytical platform to monitor and investigate criminal activity in the Bitcoin Blockchain and network. The platform led to the development of the Virtual Currency Team within the U.S. Government’s National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force (NCIJTF).

As a Vice President within Enterprise Information Security (EIS) at Wells Fargo, Patrick built the Cyber Crime Intelligence Unit (CCIU). In less than three years, his team constructed a cyber threat intelligence led analytical methodology.

Patrick is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cyber Team Six.